"Soils in the Environment "

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Soil Color

    Soil Color - Univ. of Akron slide show
    Soil Color - NASA slide show
    Soil Color - IRI, Inc. Guide
    Classifying Soil Color
    Soil Color, Organic C, Hydromorphology Relationships in Sandy Epipedons
    Soil Survey Manual Ch.3, Examination/Description of Soils, Soil Color
    The Garden w/ Insight garden simulator v1.0: soil color
    PEERS Soil Information: Color

Acidity & Alkalinity

    The Effect of Soil pH on Nutrient Availability
    Soil pH (Berks County Master Gardeners)
    Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendatioms
    Testing Soil pH with pHScan Tester
    Soil acidity... How to adjust the soil pH in your garden
    North Otago Sustainable Land Mgt.- Soil pH
    Soil pH and Soil Acidity or Alkalinity
    Soil pH
    Soil pH: What It Means

Colloids & Cation Exchange

    Clay - shrink/swell - cracked building

    Soil colloids
    CEC lecture
    CEC Tutorial
    Other Analyses--Lab for Environmental Analysis
    soil-chem-9710: Cation Exchange Dialogue
    Soil Colloids chapter
    Sources. Negative Charge:
    HTML document for the World Wide Web
    HTML University GEO 100 Notes Cation Exchange
    HTML University GEO 100 Notes Soil Colloids

Organic Matter

    04-27-1998 What is soil organic matter?
    Evaluation of Soil Organic Matter Models
    What is the value of the organic matter test for soil samples?
    Status of Land Management, Simulating changes in soil organic matter
    Status of Land Management, Soil Organic Matter
    7(q) Soil Organic Matter Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling
    Sustainable Management of Soil Organic Matter
    Sources of Soil OM 

Chemical Movement in Soils

    Introduction to Chemical Movement in Soil

    Chemical Movement in Soils (CMIS) Educ. Model (Software)

Water Content & Movement

** Soil, Water, and Crop Characteristics important to irrigation scheduling
         (*glossary of soil water terms; *good illustrations of water content/movement in soil)
*   Soil texture triangle: hydraulic properties calculator   
         (*interactive calculator - just input sand and clay  contents)
*   Scientific Application: Limitations of microbial degradation of pesticides due to soil water content
        (* Application of soil water content information to microbial pesticide degradation in soil)  
     How Soil Holds Water, G90-964
     Soil Water Potential Tutorial
     Soil, Water and Plant Characteristics Important to Irrigation
     Estimating Generalized Soil-water Characteristics from Texture
     WaterMod 2 Software: soil water dynamics model  (software for modeling soil water movement)

Bulk Density & Porosity

    lab5chap2 (Significance of Bulk Density)

    lab5chap3 (Compaction, Porosity and Soil Temperature)

    bulk density and pore space (includes bulk density sampler photos)

    Bulk Density Determination
    NJAS, 47/2, Bulk density and porosity distributions in a compost pile
    Introduction to Soil Science
    Media: Bulk Density
    Bulk Density
    The Garden with Insight garden simulator v1.0: bulk density
    FIFE Soil Bulk Density Data Data Set Document
    NSSH - Soil Properties and Qualities (Part 618)

Texture & Particle Size

    Particle Size Distribution
    Soil Texture
    Soil texture and structure
    Urban Forestry Lab. Exercise, Optional Laboratory: Soil Particle Size And Texture
    Soil Survey Manual Particle Size Distribution/Soil Texture



     Acid-Base Titrations

     Oxidation Numbers and Redox Reactions



Soil Biology and Microbiology



    Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery

    Soil Biological Communities

    Soil Biology

    DLC-ME The Microbe Zoo Dirtland

    Soil Quality Institute

    Institute of soil Biology Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Soil Surveys, GPS, GIS


    Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

    Natural Area Teaching Lab (NATL) on UF Campus

    Natural Area Teaching Lab Aerial Photos

    Soil Survey Listings

    Soil Surveys on the Web

    Dade County Florida On-Line Soil Survey

    Foundations of GIS course at UF - GEO 3171

    Maps Library

    UF - Urban & Regional Planning

    Lab Boundary Info. System - FL Maps (DEP)

    National Geographic Society

    The GIS Data Depot

    The US Geological Survey (USGS)




UF Sites

           UF Soil and Water Science Dept.
           UF Home Page

Miscellaneous Soil Sites

Soil Taxonomy, Keys to Soil Taxonomy - Twelve Soil Orders   

General Soil Slides from South Dakota State University

Soil Organizations & Agencies

        USDA-NRCS-Soils Data-NSC
        USDA-NRCS NSSC National Soil Data Access Facility
        United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
        Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
        Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

Other Collections of Links to Soil Web Sites

        Library of Congress Home Page
        World Soil Resources Web Site
        Soil and Water Web

UF Soils Classes 

        Undergraduate Soils Courses at UF
        Graduate Soils Courses at UF

Applications of Soil Science at Work

Careers for Soil Scientists
Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2000-01 Edition
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment Projections Home Page
Soil Science Career Service




Management of Nutrients, Pesticides & Wastes



Remediation of Contaminated Soils, Waters & Aquifers



Soil Quality & Ecological Indicators



Soil-Landscape Analysis



Wetlands & Aquatic Systems



Educational Resources

USDA - Agriculture in the Classroom Web Site
Welcome to Life Lab Science Project
My Chem Class (chem teaching software for instructors)

Lab and Field Equipment & Supplies

            GFS Chemicals Frames
            Laboratory Equipment Online
            NSSH - Soil Properties and Qualities (Part 618)